Evolution and Development of the Vertebrate Skeleton

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This is the research homepage for Dr. Thom Sanger. I am broadly interested in the mechanisms underlying the evolution of vertebrate morphology and patterns of diversity.  More specifically, I am interested in examining the evolution of development within morphologically diverse clades to better understand the cellular and molecular changes associated with adaptation.

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Summer 2013: Anolis evo-devo has relocated!

I have recently moved to the Cohn lab at the University of Florida. I will be developing a project focused on the evolution and development of dermal appendages - adhesive toe pads and volar pads. With the powerful addition of mouse genetics and chicken experimental embryology added to my experimental toolkit developing Anolis lizards as a developmental model should progress more rapidly. Stay tuned for more details!

April 2014: New paper is Proceedings of the Royal Society B

I have a new article available online at Proceedings of the Royal Society B  that explores the molecular regulation of sexual dimorphism in Anolis lizards. Rather than testosterone, my analyses show that the evolution of an extreme male-specific trait is correlated with changes in the estrogen pathway.